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Neevee Team

You are in the right place! There is a way to achieve more sales without breaking the bank.

As a SaaS owner you must have asked yourself:

How can I increase the number of customers? Do I need to use SEO and Content Marketing for my business? Can I convert more visitors and track the results? What is my competition doing better than me and should I do the same? Do I need to reach out to industry influencers? Neevee has the answers! If you feel like we could be a good fit for your business, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out the form with any questions that you might have! We are happy to help!

Why We Are Different

Neevee doesn’t have a long term contracts. We consult with you, agree on the next steps for the upcoming months, set the goal KPIs, get a confirmation from you and act just like an in-house marketing team would. We are dedicated to making you happy and to driving the results that you need.


Here is where we come in

You do get a consultant dedicated to your success. You are NOT just a number because that consultant has only a couple of accounts (or in some cases, just yours). We have a dedicated team, focused on you as a client and each team member is specialized in specific marketing areas, true professionals in the field.

You get weekly reports and weekly meeting – what has been done in the previous week and what needs to be done in the next. You get an SEO and Content Strategy tailored to your company.

Let’s Start Something New

We don’t lock you in 12-month contracts. We love freedom and we want you to have freedom as well. We want to be aligned with your company to reach your goals. And most importantly – we, at Neevee, are very flexible and are ready to implement something that you, the owner, and your consultant from Neevee agree upon.

Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s talk about how the Neevee team can help you out!