5 Reasons That Guest Posting Is Still Alive and Kicking

Guest posting. Some industry experts declare it dead. With all due respect, we disagree. You should still be keeping it in your digital marketing arsenal. Today, we are going to prove to you that guest blogging isn’t just still alive. In fact, a well-executed guest post strategy can elevate online presence from barely surviving to seriously thriving.

Guest posting is an effective approach to write and publish articles on other websites or blogs. As it is a great way to connect with new readers and gain popularity amongst the writing community, you need to make hard effort to achieve best outcome from guest posting. Although some people think this approach is useless and delivers no benefit, bloggers and business owners certainly plan vigorous campaigns to boost their site traffic. Indeed, they are still actively devising means of publishing and posting content on popular websites because they know it works!

Why guest posting?

Most of the popular websites and publishers rely on contributors to deliver them the latest content on a regular basis. Guest posting is a reliable approach which can help publishers in keeping the internet stocked with valuable content rather than stuffing it with articles published by spinning old articles.

Some websites have reported a huge drop in traffic rate because they have stopped accepting guest posts and this trend greatly affected the writer’s community. Now, those same publishers are beginning to accept this content once again.

Here are the 5 things which certainly prove that guest posting is still alive and kicking:

1. We all want exposure to a new audience

Apart from content promotion benefits, guest posting is a great way to develop strong relationships with your audience and readers. Allowing the writers to become a part of an already established community, you can now connect with new people, share your message and gain popularity within a short period of time. Moreover, spending some time regularly on guest posting can add great value and importance to your work as well. Isn’t promotion of our business or blog what we all hope for?

3. Increase your network development opportunities

At first, writers need to find the correct guest posting opportunities to avail long term benefit. When searching for places to guest post, you must find relevant sites of your category and make sure the blog is able to engage reader’s attention. These are the influencers with whom you want to form a strong connection. After all, you have the same target audience. If you add value to his content, he will probably be glad to start this mutually beneficial relationship.

4. Strengthen your profile

As there are thousands of guest bloggers working online, there is certainly no chance of the process being wrapped up. As online opportunities are growing exponentially, you can now find the perfect place for guest posting without any hassle. As you continue to publish guest posts, you will become a prolific guest blogger who is cited frequently. This boosts your own profile and establishes you as an expert in your content matter.

5. Build your social media reputation

Last but not least, a wonderful reason for continuing to implement a guest post strategy is that you can develop a strong social media presence in a short period of time. Once you are done with writing your content, you can promote it on Twitter, share it on Facebook or create images for Instagram. This helps you to continually build your social media arsenal with valuable and relevant content while recycling the same subject matter.


As we have discussed the major reasons and benefits to keep guest posting alive and active, writers can surely avail great outcome and acceptance for their writing hard work. So, if you are still thinking that guest posting has become a thing of a past, there are several other exciting benefits yet to be learned. Yes, indeed, guest posting is a digital marketing strategy that is still alive and kicking.

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