“Marketing is a process, not a decision…”

Jonathan Gebauer

Neevee Designs The Process Tailored to Your Needs

Every SaaS solution is different, even if in the same industry. The marketing approach depends on the product, target audience, past marketing efforts, competition, and many other factors. This is why you need a unique strategy that works for you. Neevee delivers just that.

Satisfying Your Needs

Once we determine the strategy, it needs to be transformed into a plan. In Neevee, we love Gantt Charts to organize the processes. That way we know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom.  Together with Marketing Strategy Document, Gantt Chart is a way to plot the right course for your SaaS marketing efforts and never lose focus.

Start Getting New Users and Retain Old Ones

When that is all set we use the actionable items to do the work. We now know how to approach content strategy for SaaS businesses, how to maximize SEO efforts, what the issues are, how the processes are set and what KPIs to track. These all shape into one big machine made to drive growth and increase your profits.

It’s Important To Understand The Process

This visual representation explains well how the SaaS marketing flow is put in place by Neevee. The customer journey is what is at the center of our attention. How the user lands on your website, how it interacts with the content, what the buying funnel looks like, how the user is retained after the checkout process and more.

We look at all of this as a funnel in which we want to make sure there are no bottlenecks.

All the solutions that we use (you can check them under our “Solutions” pages), work towards improving that journey. Various channels are used to increase the number of visitors – SEO, Content Marketing, Digital PR. We use Graphic Design and Conversion Rate Optimization to ensure that User Experience is nothing but perfect. Finally, we monitor everything through analytics and key performance indicators.

And Most Importantly:

Yes, we can do everything ourselves regardless – but we would love to have you involved in the process.
Nothing in this process is done without consulting with you and making sure that you understand the benefits of these steps.

Remember – Neevee Is Your Team And Partner, Not An Agency.