We have seen too many SaaS businesses ignoring Search Engine Optimization thinking that they can’t influence it, that they can’t beat the competition or that Google and other Search Engines are simply unpredictable. However, with a proper strategy in place, consistency and patience, we’ve seen great success on hundreds of websites in the past decade.
Here are the 7 steps that drive the SaaS companies to the top of search engines:

1. SEO Audit

In this step, we audit the website and identify every technical issue that needs to be fixed. This is important because if there are any major issues on the website, it will influence the results in a negative way, no matter what you do in the next steps. There are over 200 factors we check in our process. We don’t deliver automated reports, but rather do the analysis manually – creating easy to read report with clear explanation of our findings.

2. Technical Fixes

When all the issues are found and detected it is time to fix them. Even though the factors are very similar between different types of websites, there are certain differences in how the changes are made depending on the CMS used. Neevee has experience dealing with most of the popular CMS systems there are, but can also work closely with your developers to get rid of any potential issues.

3. Competitive Analysis

Understanding your SEO competitors is an important step in the process of optimizing your own website. What keywords do they target, what is their content strategy, how are they getting the backlinks? These are all the questions that can modify the SEO strategy approach. We use multiple tools to determine this, and you will get a better understanding of your space than ever before.

4. Keyword Research & On Page Optimization

Optimizing the main pages for the right keywords and user intent, as well as any new piece of content added to the website is crucial. The keywords are implemented inside the content, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions – but always having the user experience in mind. The websites are built for humans, not (just) search engines.

5. Content Strategy

We’ve noticed that a lot of SaaS companies create content without the clear strategy behind it. They come up with the topics without doing the research about the demand for those particular topics, potential traffic the piece of content would have, and competition that they would have to face. This ends up with putting a lot of effort to something that never even had a chance to succeed. With Neevee, every single word that you add to your website will have a reason behind it, with the final goal to increase the search engine presence and number of visitors. This process is followed by a strategically built intelinking campaign, creating logical topic clusters that search engine use to determine your authority.

6. Off Page SEO

Building high quality backlinks is an ongoing process once the website is fully optimized. At Neevee, we approach this with multiple strategies – outreach, influencer marketing, content promotion, long form content, skyscraper technique, digital PR and more. The goal is to always get high quality links with 100% relevancy. Quality always beats quantity here. Before launching our own backlinking campaign, we also go through all the old backlinks and disavow spammy links that are hurting the website.

7. Analytics & Monitoring

In Neevee, we take Key Performance Indicators very seriously. In the end, this is why we are working on SEO and Organic Traffic. The results. This phase includes setting up Google Analytics with specific goals, monitoring it on daily basis, tracking keyword rankings, updating KPI spreadsheet on monthly basis and more. Understanding analytics and stats can help in shaping the SEO (and marketing) approach to get the most out of it. Not every industry is the same and doing what is not working is wasting both resourcers and time.

Let’s make things simple with Neevee.
We will generate you more visitors, more customers and keep the existing ones happy.