How to Send Your Most Engaging Email Marketing Content…Every Time

You have marketed your website and gained those coveted subscribers. However, if you haven’t reached out to them since, you’re missing a valuable opportunity! Email marketing is one of the most effective means of keeping your subscribers engaged with your company. After all, they have opted to hear from you. Give them what they want by regularly sending them valuable and engaging email content. We will show you how.

Email marketing is an effective way of reaching your subscribers on a regular basis and gives you a great ROI. In fact, it creates a win-win for both the business owner and the subscribers. The business owner shares his promotions and product information for the nominal cost of his monthly subscription. And, the subscriber receives relevant information on products that solve a problem for them.

That means email marketing wins, hands down, every time. Right?

Not so fast.

The picture I painted above is a perfect scenario. Unfortunately, email marketing is often either misunderstood or misused by business owners. This misuse will ultimately result in users opting out or, worse yet, marking marketing pieces as “spam.”

So, the key to sending your most engaging email marketing content every time lies in creating content that is engaging to users from the Subject Line that compels them to open your message to the CTA at the bottom of the email.

Take a look at these tips on how to create these engaging marketing pieces.

1. Target Your Audience

Before you even think about sending a marketing email, make sure that you are sending emails to the correct segment of your users.

Your email marketing lists should be segmented by user preferences. For example, perhaps your subscription form has a box where a user can sign up to receive only new product offerings. In this case, only include her on emails that introduce new products. Sending her a fluffy weekly email on how to use your products will annoy her and cause her to unsubscribe.

Key Point: Be sure that your lists are properly segmented, and you are sending emails to only those who wish to receive them.

2. Write a Compelling Subject Line

The subject line of your email is the single most important line of the entire content. The subject line is your one and only chance to make a first impression on your user. Indeed, he will decide whether to click to open or delete in less than 2 seconds.

People receive a lot of marketing emails every day. From a user’s perspective, they must sift through a lot of garbage to uncover one nugget of gold. Make your email that nugget.

Use language that’s interesting and actionable. Keep the length shorter in length so the reader can scan the subject quickly. Choose strong verbs that create urgency and encourage the reader to act. Avoid overly promotional language as it’s a certain way to get flagged as spam.

Finally, do not use click-bait-inspired subject lines in an attempt to lure users. This will break their trust in you and you’ll quickly lose subscribers.

Key Point: If an email’s subject line is unclear, confusing, or just too wordy, the user will most likely delete your email and move on.

3. Give Them an Eye Full

Humans are very visual creatures. We like things to look clean, cheerful, and well-organized. If your user likes what he sees upon opening your email, he will be more likely to remain engaged enough to read your content in its entirety.

Once your users open your email, treat them to a feast for their eyes a clean-looking and organized arrangement. Black fonts and a white or light background is easy for the eyes to interpret.

After deciding on those colors, take it to the next level with two or three gorgeous images or supporting graphics, a clean but colorful border, and your branding or logo. Use these images or graphics to break up blocks of text so that they piece appears easier to read.

In addition, you can highlight key points or your best offerings by using a border around it to call the eye to that information. This helps to draw your reader’s eye to the main point immediately.

You are probably familiar with this, yourself. Have you ever noticed how restaurants will place certain items in boxes or borders on the menu? These are their most profitable dishes and they are inviting you to choose these items over others to drive their profit margin. You can use this same effect to make an impression on your reader.

Key Point: An attractive email is not only easier to read. The layout helps you guide the reader to read the entire email and remember the key information while delivering your branding and marketing information.

4. The Email Body

Keep the tone of your email body appropriate to your business. For example, a professional such as an attorney or a doctor will send emails that are friendly, reassuring, but appropriate in language at all times. However, an e-commerce site selling collegiate apparel to students, can write copy that’s more over-the-top or even irreverent. Choose carefully and set the tone that’s appropriate to your business.

Write copy that’s engaging and actionable. This will keep readers on the hook to read through to the end. Break up long paragraphs into shorter segments. Use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, or bold font to shorten up sections or call attention to sections of text.

State your message clearly in an inviting way that encourages the reader to act without feeling pressured.

Key Point: Choose a tone that reflects your business and keep the user reading by using clear language and attractive formatting.

5. The Call to Action (CTA)

The whole point of your email is to solicit. It may be an e-book or physical product you’re selling or a service that you want to provide or a donation that you’re trying to solicit. The point is that failing to include a clear CTA is a failure of your email.

I liken it to sending your best sales rep out to meet with a prospect, but she forgets to ask him for the sale! You’d probably be upset with that sales rep, right? Consider your marketing emails in a similar way. While you certainly want them to be effective in educating consumers about your product, your ultimate goal is a sale.

At this point, your readers have hung with you and read your email. They like your product, or they would have skipped reading the content! This is the time to ask them to buy.

The CTA is the vehicle that gets you to close that sale. The most effective CTA’s that include actionable language are simple and to the point:

  • Schedule Your Test Drive
  • Book an Appointment
  • Buy Now
  • Donate
  • Request Information
  • Download A Copy

While these are not “catchy,” they are effective and easy for readers to understand.

Key Point: Don’t skip taking the time to include a CTA. It will boost your sales, and that is the entire point of your marketing email.

Send That Email!

Now that you have the tools in your belt to craft a more effective email piece, get ready to send that next email! Keep your readers engaged and guide them through your email, and you’ll see more revenue from your email campaigns.

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