Case Study – InTechOpen

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Type of Project

Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by

about the project

InTechOpen is an open access publisher, giving scientific paper authors opportunity to publsih their work on the platform and share the knowledge with fellow scientists. This is crucial to spreading the knowledge around the world without paywall, and has significantly helped less developed countries catching up with the developer world. Company was still in the startup phase when we started working with them, but then grew to be one of the leaders in the industry.

the process

The steps that we have taken to achieve this were the following:

  1. Analysis of the present SEO situation
  2. Doing Technical SEO Audit and pointing out the potential issues that had to be fixed
  3. Keyword research for existing content and future content opportunities
  4. Competitive Analysis, giving them full understanding of all the companies in the industry
  5. Creating content strategy for both the main pages and the news pages
  6. Organizing and managing linkbuilding efforts, generating high quality backlinks mostly through outreach and PR efforts towards scientific magazines
  7. Managing their online reputation, controling most of the results in the top 20 results
  8. Monitoring and reporting, helping in modifying campaign to drive further results

InTechOpen organic traffic went from 5k to 700k in a span of two years. This was a significant growth, mostly thanks to optimizing the large amount of content authors were generating, as well as supporting SEO efforts like linkbuilding and promotion through PR.