Case Study – JollyTech Eventleaf

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JollyTech Eventleaf

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Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by

about the project

JollyTech is a Silicon Valley based company offering a several solutions in the event management industry. These are well known products Eventleaf, ID Flow and Lobbytrack – used in the events organized by large corporations like Google, Oracle, Chase, NASA, UN and other. We were hired to work with them in improving their product and search engine footprint.


 The steps that we have taken to achieve the results were:

  1. Analysis of the present SEO situation
  2. Doing Technical SEO Audit and pointing out the potential issues that had to be fixed
  3. Keyword research for existing content and future content opportunities
  4. Competitive Analysis, giving them full understanding of all the companies in the industry
  5. Creating content strategy for both the main pages and the news pages
  6. Organizing and managing linkbuilding efforts, generating high quality backlinks
  7. Helping in improving their product – mostly in design and UX/UI area.
  8. Monitoring and reporting, helping in modifying campaign to drive further results

We helped JollyTech in growing their small new brand Eventleaf from being a compeletely new product to being used by the biggest companies in the world. This was a significant feat and something Neevee is proud to have been part of.