Case Study – Ximble

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Type of Project

Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by

about the project

Ximble is a successful employee scheduling software, recently acquired by Paycor and renamed to Paycor Scheduling. We worked with them in their Startup phase and helped them grow significantly in that crucial time, being involved in both SEO and other Digital Marketing efforts. Ximble needed this growth to attract investors and further improve the product.


The steps that we have taken to achieve this were the following:

  1. Analysis of the present SEO situation
  2. Doing Technical SEO Audit and pointing out the potential issues that had to be fixed
  3. Keyword research for existing content and future content opportunities
  4. Competitive Analysis, giving them full understanding of all the companies in the industry
  5. Creating content strategy for both the main pages and the blog
  6. Organizing and managing linkbuilding efforts, generating high quality backlinks mostly through outreach
  7. Monitoring and reporting, helping in modifying campaign to drive further results
the results

Ximble organic traffic grew by 93% in the first 6 months. The growth continued after that initial phase and we got a new happy client. Ximble is a good example that SaaS startups can grow fast if product is great and proper SEO strategy is done behind the scene.