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Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by

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QuickBooks is a leader in the accounting software space, absolutely dominating the industry. Their content creation partner OneSpace hired us to improve the search engine visibility on QuickBooks Canada resource pages, as well as analyze Intuit Quickbook’s SEO efforts in India, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, UAE, and their Global section of the website.


The steps that we have taken to achieve this were the following:

  1. Analysis of the present SEO situation
  2. Doing Technical SEO Audit and pointing out the potential issues that had to be fixed
  3. Keyword research for existing content and future content opportunities
  4. Helping in implementing the changes
  5. Monitoring results and user behavior on the optimized pages

QuickBooks Canada considerebly improved their organic traffic growing by more than 140% in 6 months after the campaign. Our efforts also helped QuickBooks India and other location to improve their SEO efforts and grow additional users through that channel.